Sometimes people get influenced what to, and in a way to think.
Sometimes people think that they can instil a belief to crate that feeling of happiness to eliminate the gloom of reproach.
“Never regret, never forget and never surrender for you are you and can be no other.”
Don’t push and Don’t shove for that arouses the hate of patience. For even when forgiven the experience won’t fade away.
Never confuse forgiveness with forgetfulness, you can progress but not change the facts of happenings, Actions have effectives, words have reason.
No being, mind or body can be forced to appreciate, for happiness is not a commodity and neither is a heart or a gyrate.
Time is of an essence, erratic decisions have forts and weapons but the subliminal cannot be redesigned by those whom challenge fate by the instinct of deciding what is right.


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Sassy, Bold and Unique. All thoughts are my own. All rights reserved. ©All works hold copyright.
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One Response to Momentum.

  1. Yuli says:

    Yes, I experienced the real fodloing problems of which you speak first hand. I was trapped for five hours at a bridal shower. High water prevented me from returning home. My son had a hard time getting to our house from his job in Houston and my brother-in-law had to take a circuitous path from George R. Brown Convention Center to his house. Tricky day.


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