Surrealistic Expressionism Art.

Surrealistic Expressionism is one of the most accurate depictive forms of art there is. holing an appreciation for the contrast and conflict, collaborations have a depth that makes the works more realistic than some real life paintings.
This video is excellent.

*I am not the creator of this video, all rights go to artist Obed Rosas*



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6 Responses to Surrealistic Expressionism Art.

  1. cgree2013 says:

    Comparing interpretations would be very interesting. Some very interesting paintings.

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    • lleisa says:

      I wanted to display a type of art style that I find interesting. Did you mean interpretations of subject matter or style?


      • Chukwu says:

        you are right in pointing out that faanisttcal imagination should be allowed to exist in realistic settings and amidst realistic people.That’s why writers like Gogol, Kafka, Marquez or even Murakami, who use fantasy as a way of looking at the same world that we inhabit, belong to the tier one unlike normal genre writers like Tolkien or Pratchett who appear to be totally disengaged with the real world and as a result, whose books work mostly as lazy entertainments.Tolkien fans, please don’t spam by saying that LOTR is about the eternal-battle-between-good-and-evil….:)


      • lleisa says:

        There is good and evil in all eternity.
        Apprehensive diagnostics are a counterpart in devastation and inhibitions the proxy for respect.
        Reality is diversity and tribulation rather than doministic hostilities.
        Not all people see the same !!


      • Eduardo says:

        good question. Especially since the hugner artist wants to perform. Kafka suggests that no matter what kind of checks the impresario puts in place, the public still doubts the legitimacy of the performance. Maybe the purpose of the cage is not for the hugner artist himself, but rather to satisfy the public’s doubt. The next logical question, then, is why does the public doubt the performance?


    • David says:

      I think Pratchett’s discworld is a leatral satirical examination of the human condition – each and everyone of his settings, plots and sub-plots is a direct take on events that have either occurred recently or sometimes in the dim past. He does precisely what Kafka and Gogol did and does it rather better on occasion. He deals, not very subtly, though with a great deal of humour, with issues like racism, feminism, the uni-polar world, political chicanery and other moral aspects of the human condition.I could take each of his settings and characters and connect them to the specific historical settings including the contemporary ones. It would be a waste of time. If you haven’t read enough Pratchett or enough history, or current affairs, to figure this out for yourself, you shouldn’t be commenting on him or on the use of literary devices such as fantasy.Please start jumping up and down Alok, please, please pretty please!:)DD


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