Talk is words. Words are cheap.

Something’s won’t change, Something’s can’t change, Something’s don’t change and something’s remain changeable.                                                                                                 Those things that are re-arranged and aren’t interchangeable are only detrimental !
Imagination, Memories and Forgiveness are part of the walk of life, but Fraud and Falsity causes a lot of strife !
Blamed, Framed and Shamed.
One’s a vent, the other a stake by a fake and the last is a thief’s explanation !
Interpretative miss-measures are a horrific pain that are often perceived as a grudge or petulant callus of contain, all because some think they’re in the know and take guild to walk in another’s shadow.
Interpretation and Infringement are hiccups with a real understand, but the stories, precision and mechanics always remain as justice planned !
Those who weep are different from those who cry as the nature of man is to gloat rather that to cast out an image of wallow !
Everybody needs love,
Everyone needs someone who cares.
Every person has a choice and every Individual deserves only what is rightfully theirs.
When resistance is unrecognised or wrongfully accounted,
The aggressor that caused the havoc is reduced to a spectator.


About ellahray

Sassy, Bold and Unique. All thoughts are my own. All rights reserved. ©All works hold copyright.
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