Fantasy and Falisy.

Belief is often the leash to convince,

& positivity is the trick along a darkened path.

There is always a light at the end of a tunnel as too, there is passion with every opinion.

Opinions are only a thought and every light has an indication. 

Some hands are meant to be held together and deserve to remain unforged by onlookers.

But, some people procrastinate their reasons for insistence and forge the effects of their actions by deflecting the true reasons their actions cause others pain.

Facts cannot be waivered,  nor  can reasons be shortened.

Hype is a form of hope and Love a fault of feeling.

Selfish ingenuity based on the repressed desire to be perceived as good is the boisterous evil of human kind.

Fear of failure is often worse than the direction acceptance can cultivate.

The cruelty delivered when one has a footnote in destiny that is chased by someone else is unforgivable for the flourish of ideal never outweighs the leg the foot is attached too. The injuries that are inflicted are only solved when vengeance has been extended to reach the combat equation for the effort given in response without validity or justification.

Fate chooses honour. 

Any party whom puts themselves above the rights to justice embarks on their own sacrilege. Whilst the knowledgeable may try to straddle and twist factors for their own virtuosity, the insignia they manifest has a multitude of errors. It demonstrates behaviour that is mimicked for capital revenue and consortium gain. This is the behaviour of the relentless and the proxy of stupidity with a sheer lack of respect.






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5 Responses to Fantasy and Falisy.

  1. rashikagd says:

    Hi Leisa
    I just finished reading all your posts and like them all.


  2. Yuuta says:

    Some good reflective tiihknng. I think that often we jump into the HOW (doing something; changing something; imitating something) without ever considering the WHY. Sometimes the things we’re doing have very little Why behind them. Thanks for a thought-provoking post.


  3. Janisa says:

    IJWTS wow! Why can’t I think of thngis like that?


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