The Slap

Personal expectations being the basis for defamation, via an egotistical flaw of an a assailant, and the greed of a counterpart, fuelled with the stature of maniacal intolerance, as using a shun of explanation for a denial of guilt, is the basis of their bondage and exhaustion. The Slap is a TV series that delivers a real portrayal of characters emotive reactions and behaviours.

Depending on whom sprays and whom tried to shine a light, past actions of heartfelt anger form a futile silk screen.

being vilified is a hard thing manoeuvre when you are pure of heart!

The confines of ones being, never super-seeds the essence of their soul. Any desire that burns with denial, begins at a crushed ego. A recipe for false alliances and a flare of preach becomes a battle of sexes.
Rather than being accepting of the instances they can’t seem to tolerate, or support because it would sink their grievances. Fuelled allowances that are held in fantastical knowledge, of aspirate endurance and pre-tensive stamina to win give the tensile an avenue of expurgate.

The game is already over, the loss is always theirs, their shame cannoh defame as they are the keepers with no respect of love only the materialistic resilience of aggression.


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2 Responses to The Slap

  1. Putusongolas says:

    This is the hardest thing I face. I come from a flamiy that are incredible servants/workaholics. My dad is an incredible man of God, but had tremendous difficulty knowing where flamiy life started and where ministry ended. I see a lot of those struggles in my own life. I am starting to go through Coaching Ministry International and my coach is getting ready to Jack me UP! I really need this. I see anything with people as ministry and struggle to shut it off, all the while my flamiy that needs it is getting neglected.I thank God that He is really helping me see my flaws. I want to have boundaries and are working on them fearlessly. Infact, I have put my calendar to work the last two weeks and have seen God work powerfully in my boundaries. People respect them and my flamiy is honored by them


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