down but not out.

When there is nothing to colour but the colour itself there is a fistful of fear and a drainage of wealth.

The toil of frustration, the audience of cheer, has an emptiness that deflects all forms of fear.

If a person takes your feelings to bay on a level which has no compromisity, but yet tis only to display the weakness of cries,  it sets a fluster for fury at the irrelevant lies.

Facts of infliction and the instigate of ramify, whence ignored for the perspective and a greed of hunger become the pity of plunder.

These are opinions of my encounters and so many will say I am thinking to smart and shove my emotions away.

But I shall be honest when I remember on this and with every day, for the insistence of dominance is what churns anger and spray.

I have been assaulted and bruised,

I have fought against being treated like a tool.

I still have a heart & I know my own love & stride.

I know that I have been lied about for the shame that is refused to be held, for I hold my own mind, and there are some people, you just cannot tell !

Shunned for the boldness of popularity that they have disguised themselves expensively beneath.

The reasons I allowed a closeness of pace was selfishly so yet not as it seems, for the deliberation of meaning was relevant for me to see.

Insubordinence is a benchmark, a hapless affair that mostly stands for the ignorance and disrespect of fatal and levity.

The heart it carries only one song, this is a fact that’s true for everyone.

& the mind that doesn’t follow the rules of earth and heart is always the bitterest from the start.


About ellahray

Sassy, Bold and Unique. All thoughts are my own. All rights reserved. ©All works hold copyright.
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