Classification and Heroics.

Some have style
Some have grace
Some live in denial,
And many try to figure a pace.
Mainstream is a conglomerate
A deluge of insist and counterpart of thought,
Fascism a hort.
Fetish’s are either rampant or a port.
Infliction is a process of extort, when stood against, the essence is pain.
Miners have a need to drain whilst the sad and lonely wallow and complain.
Tears dry out, aggressions surrender,
Frowns make clowns and time is a true mender.
Smiles are things that can be feared, whilst joy is never that augmented toy,
for honesty kept away is a heinous deploy.
People are such beautiful beings,
The lies the sacrilege, the greed and betrayals,
Lacklustre or Integrity, adventure loosens a grin.
If you do not know kindness, then you are a fool when it comes to love,
the gentle hand of caress is symbolic of both the heart and detest.
Not every body gets what they deserve,
Many squabble at the instant of another’s resistance and live for a channel of vagrancy in another’s shadow for the desire of crave and furling satire.
Tedious are those that know not what they breathe but gain fortitude at solace of labelling the tendency without care and thus jeer the tether of reflection.
All because they yearn to fill their empty and formulate with whimsical cruelty for propaganda and residual aspire.


About ellahray

Sassy, Bold and Unique. All thoughts are my own. All rights reserved. ©All works hold copyright.
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