Ropes, Hooks & Pulleys.


Similarities and differences are the insigne of individuality and unique.
The suppressive conformities with stringencies to assimilate is the emptying of formidable culture.

Processioned with the fantastical amendments to truth and the distortions of facts from the attempts to refurbish elements to acclaim changes from falsity of straight forward define.

Fuelled by the desire to make the earthen lore’s conform against their own will for sacrilege and duress of carnage, innocence becomes lost as scandalous hostages attempt to conquer the defined that may not be re-arranged.

Thieves, liars and replacements hold no allowance for the desire of unkempt wishes, as they can only bow to the truth and accept what frame they can’t have or hold.
Notoriety deliveries capers that toil to flourish their own spoil.

All the wealth of love and gusto has never taught those whom refuse to value defeat.

Any place which is seen, as a paradise is only the paradoxical sham of conquest in the hapless fantasy of dream that time wears out like flowers desecrate to a new bloom.

Lets not regress to maintain a cold. Let trust not be tainted from shrapnel as shimmers of pranksters laugh from their own lacking and only time to waste.

Aspects are legitimate, whilst dominance perceives to reign circumnutates against the natural order of human origin convex, as the value of livery is prescribed by a dollar in  place of belief and honour.

Truly the happiest souls are those whom stay true of themselves rather than too the honest perspect of  fantasy in the lime of transparency.

Whilst the joyes’t of hearts are those whom have marked success, by being in contact without denunciable progress of the memoir and the willingness to grow beyond pain and with a strength of deny and hope of a new day.





About ellahray

Sassy, Bold and Unique. All thoughts are my own. All rights reserved. ©All works hold copyright.
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