Cockpit and Ravine.

When pretence is based on an assumption the outcome is always re-definable.


When notion is carried without all the facts the stripes are in the context of assume.


History is always a tale of said, yet the empowerment isn’t an interchangeable pre-empt.


There are open notions that have assumed responsibility of another’s retrospect and these have to be corrected rather than accentuated.


Fathom is a level of understand rather than a notion of under state.


The globe has evolutionary mandates that can be executioner, not by those that choose to extinguish the obscure to hold a vision but by those whom muster the courage to accept systemic order and the origin principles of life.


Conditioning that may have been foreseen, but re-arranged to suit a prospect of idealism is only that, inference.


Interference of customised allowances to partake in a static consolidation is only a sordid cry of idiosyncrasies that offer innocents, to pay the price for another’s failure to recognise their consequences in their own desire to triumph.


The elimination of aspects to tailor progression is a backward thinking elective, for impromptu recoups are a stagnancy that those whom dote on glory and victor violate.


This may sound harsh, but the earthen lore is an unchangeable physiology that no amount of physical immerse can alter.


Change comes from the aptitude of reason and the provisions of ration, when rational is debated for the demise of a consideration, heated arguments often need to forge a conquest and revert to pragmatics.


Simply put, a united globe isn’t a stage for domination or sacrilege, the acceptance of originality often transcends into depictive notions of creation and undisputable contact, yet the brandish to relinquish the design that is mandated by a fight of consolidation only accentuates the proverbial disaster of the human colourful spirit.


Souls are more powerful than the environmental aspect of a carbon footprint.


Whilst we are all connected the methodology of taking an aspect from something seen and inverberating it unto one own capabilities is a hazard that distorts the true value of belief, many might assume this to be in respect, but it’s really quite the opposite.


Charisma only delivers image so far before the revered is apparent for the detriment of impersonation and a mark of insolence. Using the notative of a heart to try and augment a future is a pitiful gaiety, which is the foulest blunder of ignorance, for the heart is no wave to be ridden or an accelerator to be trodden down.


Hearts are the music of a being and their energy is not supposed to be surpassed by the formation of an ego or the inequity of commercialism and revenue.


Flaunting of attraction delivers opportunity, yet with that comes responsibility.         Maturity phases are avenues of destiny, not business, a beauty that has no owner other than the accents of lore and magnitude.


Words are not spoken they are told. Speech contains amplification of persona and belligerent mindsets that talk through on orifice as if to advance in the mindset of generations, they falter society and insult the vast conservative nature of time.


Everyone is so often taught how to think outside the box, but thinking inside the box seems to be forgotten, without that, there is just rude invasion and cruelty, in a fight for stolen intelligence, that can’t be used by anyone other than the keeper.



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