WiLd WoMaN.

For guards                                                                                                                                                                                   For structure                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            For lyfe and death.

Without death there is no life, which is a reprehension that will never destroy the light or cure regret.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   I aint, I can’t, I won’t and I don’t have to !                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     If you think I say these all too much, then it’s either because too many ask… or possibly, because you may have already been served and you are decadently greedy.

The prosperity is never an allowable façade, yet better a relent than a payment, especially when it comes to nasties of the heart.


The biggest pro-bono is the problematic plea, of he doesn’t want you, he wants me!

Inverted magnificence.                                                                                                                         It is more so that he has no clue, and tis funny how you see me, when I tell you what I saw in his sense of feel!


I will always remember, and get set, because if emotions have to be shared, I won’t hold back… or forget.

I will reflect it with all captive purpose, I don’t need no nasty vengeful comebacks to test my strength or lies that justify the cruelty.


Just because you can, don’t think you do so.                                                                                     For a process is a constructive, the relevance is only a droplet for those up to par with the ticks of time.


Just because you want it, doesn’t mean it’s yours.                                                                        For solutions can never break event fold, they might only become distortions that arouse a heavy hand that fights for supremacy above closure, regardless of the value of keep.


Demon by name, Demon by culture, Demon by fate and Demon by nature….                          I work with the primal instigate of time tympani & enlightenment.


Heat stealers that don’t respect have no able to illume or convey direction at others.                                      They are the souls of happenings and gyrate.

No distorting via connection, as I am my own connectivity… No lashes on my children, eyes, frames, minds hearts, souls, loves or past lament. So many want to be the likes of me!

Talking to someone through an allotment of time doesn’t give allowances to churn a turbine, for the terminology of an alien is based upon the onset that the provisions are agreed upon with gratify and release incline.


The immortals, the veneer, the winds, the process, the demeanour, the stench.


The structure can’t be changed or altered. The metallic exposure of gun madness, is a fight for the right to cleanse of pains, when the burrows into the remittance regime, is only asking for the persistence of relieve. Whilst the bitters enjoy their teeth.


Devils work as though dreams were tools.                                                                             Dreams, they are not worthy of holding or seeing, but try to weave rather that emoting a sense of bereave.

The irony is fathomed, as the revered accuse me!


Expertise and experience, don’t always go hand in hand.


Paths that take a long time to journey, often get hindered by enthusiasts.


Yet a standard allotment is never a ticket to permanency.


I am pure and true, loving and caring too,                                                                                         I am devout to several things, to wit life can’t do without!


Interpretation and Infringement are hiccups with real understand, but the stories, precision and mechanics always remain as planned!

Placement is Integral. Origin the bias of belief. Comparison the vindication, whilst time is a rhythm that spins. Not from those that sing but the listeners that notarise the swim.


Visuals, Vice and Vindication.                                                                                                     Something’s won’t change, Something’s can’t change, Something’s don’t change whilst Something’s remain changeable.


Imagination, Memories and Forgiveness are part of the walk of life, but Fraud and Falsity causes a lot of strife!



About ellahray

Sassy, Bold and Unique. All thoughts are my own. All rights reserved. ©All works hold copyright.
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