Poseidon dreams of victory,
His manliness often feels challenged
His recollect of his value is being drained away.
I remember the all, His position, function and gall

It is hard to communicate when he tries to change his own setting from times before, without advice of what the signs represent when the oceans present upon the shore.

Many whom want to govern energies drain women for the profane                                      that a man stands greater than the women whom are foundation.

As their ladies attempt to whirl a tyrane.

Boys loose their inspirations to become men and rather try to catch a vagina, a working body that invites vapour upon the visions to themselves and delivers a projection drive,   an opportunity to demonstrate what it is they wish for themselves regarding no respect for the earth, earthen lore or traditions of location
I will not bow, I do not ask, I do not have too.

Histories are progressive, time delivers doors to process and closure rests the raw.

His pain, comes from plays to force subordination in the only place that women harbour supremacy.

An attempt to give what is mostly desired in a cached out cycle that can only be described as torture by the ignorant in want of dominion.





About ellahray

Sassy, Bold and Unique. All thoughts are my own. All rights reserved. ©All works hold copyright.
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