Warmth !

Snow has individuality, for each flake has it’s own intricacy.

For some life represents chasing that uniqueness to warm from the aches of frost.

Accept that difference is what makes harmony and habits.

For some life is the path of the future.

Remember we are bound by each other and limits.

We cannot choose to be someone that is imagery of want  spender that for each downfall is a progressive and each uplift warms our feet.


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Yule tide.

Silence is never individual

Persona is always flirty

Good light illuminates only what the heart wants to see in the sky

By the permits of the integrative, that the Earthen Mother delivers all must comply.

Sections Shades and Satellites

Has only themselves on offer to the truth behind the frown.

Attraction in women to turn men

Men that downtrend woman to stand a higher ground

These unsheathing natural instincts are the spark of ignite,

Learning is a process that moons shall give no advice .

Time is always directed by the mother stated above, those whom wish in her essence are void of using light or maintaining a pattern they dream up !

Skeletally she guides the legs and hearts and heads

…but if her comfort, her love of essence is stolen all will only find sorrow not forgiveness from their games of Love.

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As mothers we love our daughters and forever care for our sons,

Protecting them from danger and steering them away from what we perceive as harm.

They are apart of our essence our hearts and pace, they are the warmth of our agitations and put the smile upon our face.

Some children are raised to be replications but that doesn’t work for me,

For each soul is a being of it’s own midden and experience as life process has to be.

The greedy are adventurous, the gluttons the vain.

The hostile are the inept of telling you what to do and pointing out a shame.

The shy are the courageous whilst the imperious are immune.

Children never give you what you want, but their love always shines through.



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If something comes from war it has the aversive effect to create war… this said, War isn’t the insigne of itself it is but a renouncement of power mongers and directive assailants egotistical assault upon humanity and civility.
Let there be piece, Let there be advice, but not let’s get offended if you encounter deflection from ignorance or lack of respect.
A narrow mind is better than an open mind, but a narrow minded objective is only bitterness of a failed dominance.
Harassment differs from prevention whilst cure is only a pseudonym for acceptance & not all subjective opinions are agreed upon.
Note there is borders within the earth that deliver preference of stylist for custom and consort to diversities.

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Believing what you see is a hazard of hypocrisy.

Some see a window to the floor.
Some see a window to the sky.
Some see a window pain and nothing more.
Some dream it’s a window to the world.
Or pretend it holds a cornerstone of foundation?
Some immerse themselves in the sight of the window of opportunity.
Few try to fly against the curve.
And many have only the eyes to observe.
Obscurity is delivered to those whom crave to belong.
-You imagine what you desire, for desire is a churn of passion,
but its what you do with what you perceive makes you whom you only be.
Obstacles loathed are the misfortune of an ignorant mind
Those whom twist in order to display often hold only a placard of detest and a backwards view from inside.
-There is no grace in persistence of a wrongly tuned pace.
There is laughter in the spoils of diligence and protest in it’s face, but the satire of remorse is the whiplash of a dead horse and futile haste.
The snide that live in snigger are the hapless that emulate sick from their inner desire to change as they deliver tales of stagnancy by their fortitude of bemuse.

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Classification and Heroics.

Some have style
Some have grace
Some live in denial,
And many try to figure a pace.
Mainstream is a conglomerate
A deluge of insist and counterpart of thought,
Fascism a hort.
Fetish’s are either rampant or a port.
Infliction is a process of extort, when stood against, the essence is pain.
Miners have a need to drain whilst the sad and lonely wallow and complain.
Tears dry out, aggressions surrender,
Frowns make clowns and time is a true mender.
Smiles are things that can be feared, whilst joy is never that augmented toy,
for honesty kept away is a heinous deploy.
People are such beautiful beings,
The lies the sacrilege, the greed and betrayals,
Lacklustre or Integrity, adventure loosens a grin.
If you do not know kindness, then you are a fool when it comes to love,
the gentle hand of caress is symbolic of both the heart and detest.
Not every body gets what they deserve,
Many squabble at the instant of another’s resistance and live for a channel of vagrancy in another’s shadow for the desire of crave and furling satire.
Tedious are those that know not what they breathe but gain fortitude at solace of labelling the tendency without care and thus jeer the tether of reflection.
All because they yearn to fill their empty and formulate with whimsical cruelty for propaganda and residual aspire.

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World Cup Football.

Brilliance is no competition !
Charicterisms are unique and bold.
Skill is individual.

GOALS COMPILATION : FIFA World Cup : The World Game on SBS


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down but not out.

When there is nothing to colour but the colour itself there is a fistful of fear and a drainage of wealth.

The toil of frustration, the audience of cheer, has an emptiness that deflects all forms of fear.

If a person takes your feelings to bay on a level which has no compromisity, but yet tis only to display the weakness of cries,  it sets a fluster for fury at the irrelevant lies.

Facts of infliction and the instigate of ramify, whence ignored for the perspective and a greed of hunger become the pity of plunder.

These are opinions of my encounters and so many will say I am thinking to smart and shove my emotions away.

But I shall be honest when I remember on this and with every day, for the insistence of dominance is what churns anger and spray.

I have been assaulted and bruised,

I have fought against being treated like a tool.

I still have a heart & I know my own love & stride.

I know that I have been lied about for the shame that is refused to be held, for I hold my own mind, and there are some people, you just cannot tell !

Shunned for the boldness of popularity that they have disguised themselves expensively beneath.

The reasons I allowed a closeness of pace was selfishly so yet not as it seems, for the deliberation of meaning was relevant for me to see.

Insubordinence is a benchmark, a hapless affair that mostly stands for the ignorance and disrespect of fatal and levity.

The heart it carries only one song, this is a fact that’s true for everyone.

& the mind that doesn’t follow the rules of earth and heart is always the bitterest from the start.

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The Slap

Personal expectations being the basis for defamation, via an egotistical flaw of an a assailant, and the greed of a counterpart, fuelled with the stature of maniacal intolerance, as using a shun of explanation for a denial of guilt, is the basis of their bondage and exhaustion. The Slap is a TV series that delivers a real portrayal of characters emotive reactions and behaviours.

Depending on whom sprays and whom tried to shine a light, past actions of heartfelt anger form a futile silk screen.

being vilified is a hard thing manoeuvre when you are pure of heart!

The confines of ones being, never super-seeds the essence of their soul. Any desire that burns with denial, begins at a crushed ego. A recipe for false alliances and a flare of preach becomes a battle of sexes.
Rather than being accepting of the instances they can’t seem to tolerate, or support because it would sink their grievances. Fuelled allowances that are held in fantastical knowledge, of aspirate endurance and pre-tensive stamina to win give the tensile an avenue of expurgate.

The game is already over, the loss is always theirs, their shame cannoh defame as they are the keepers with no respect of love only the materialistic resilience of aggression.


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Fantasy and Falisy.

Belief is often the leash to convince,

& positivity is the trick along a darkened path.

There is always a light at the end of a tunnel as too, there is passion with every opinion.

Opinions are only a thought and every light has an indication. 

Some hands are meant to be held together and deserve to remain unforged by onlookers.

But, some people procrastinate their reasons for insistence and forge the effects of their actions by deflecting the true reasons their actions cause others pain.

Facts cannot be waivered,  nor  can reasons be shortened.

Hype is a form of hope and Love a fault of feeling.

Selfish ingenuity based on the repressed desire to be perceived as good is the boisterous evil of human kind.

Fear of failure is often worse than the direction acceptance can cultivate.

The cruelty delivered when one has a footnote in destiny that is chased by someone else is unforgivable for the flourish of ideal never outweighs the leg the foot is attached too. The injuries that are inflicted are only solved when vengeance has been extended to reach the combat equation for the effort given in response without validity or justification.

Fate chooses honour. 

Any party whom puts themselves above the rights to justice embarks on their own sacrilege. Whilst the knowledgeable may try to straddle and twist factors for their own virtuosity, the insignia they manifest has a multitude of errors. It demonstrates behaviour that is mimicked for capital revenue and consortium gain. This is the behaviour of the relentless and the proxy of stupidity with a sheer lack of respect.





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