The cortex that makes you dream                                                                                                      Is the desire you brim from a past defeat                                                                                    This is the fact of many and the truth of the outrageous.                                                               I dream from my imagination, from the facts of my own heart.                                              The past and shares                                                                                                                            The brutal impairs, I’ve witnessed of those needing to learn instead of propounding their wares.                                                                                                                                                         I say this because as days go by and paradox sucks loves into an unnecessary vortex with Failure to identify and improvising the closed progressive to insist a different imagery.    All humans have their own opinion, the bigger it gets means nothing as to its legitimateness,                                                                                                                         Perspective is a discussion that morality core fibre tries to knot up as the swine men try to condone the alteration of the metaphysical unchangeable to make themselves feel better.   I am a brutally honest soul, with a bigger than expected heart.                                                 The manner of delusion insists I am a slave to whatever chooses to make me start.            Many people know this feeling, the feeling that you are misunderstood.                                   I feel so often abandoned, but I guess that because I run, I run away from those whom are wrong in setting out their objective from treating me in a certain way, in seeing me as their victim to present themselves to an audience in the light of triumph.

“Always remain true to time of you… not what is given in time to change what has happened in your time, because the way you alternate your insight can destroy foundations and innocents along the way.”

Aggression comes from those that are left to feel hopeless, pressures of impatience arouse egotistical attacks to a guiders remarks.

When reflection of an interaction becomes gumption to slay the spiritual plagiarism is a contempt of life and cultural heritage of past and future days.

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Into the darkness, without a light is like letting the light outshine your might.

Into the light, with ignorance and plight, is rather like the thief in the night.

There are many colours of life, but Black and White aren’t any

Shades and tones of accent and flaw

That reflect what has be of existence before.

It takes a man to make a mark, yet a marked man can’t call a warrior a lark,

The commandeer to hire a crew to take down the facts is nothing new.

As electrons are harvested and implants give wishes, the effects awash humanity with backwards cruelty and forced insistence.

It may be a mans world, but I dare leave it in decree, that the core energies cannot be altered to beat the female planet universally.

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In the midst of gazing is the catalyst of Why

The turbulence of harvest often comes from what you sow,

but many a person would rather avoid by reciting what they have learned to plough.

When does the pathway of life become the freedom to exploit,

for the want of a resolution and a proposal for a resolve, a hoist or a toit?

The feet that keep the earth below their nails,

The hearts that practice release preferred to throwing others away,

These are the foundation, the sweetness of the grass and stain.

They are the vertical on a flattened world the buoyancy against those that have no permission to drown,

no reason to swim

and no virtue to shine.

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Poseidon dreams of victory,
His manliness often feels challenged
His recollect of his value is being drained away.
I remember the all, His position, function and gall

It is hard to communicate when he tries to change his own setting from times before, without advice of what the signs represent when the oceans present upon the shore.

Many whom want to govern energies drain women for the profane                                      that a man stands greater than the women whom are foundation.

As their ladies attempt to whirl a tyrane.

Boys loose their inspirations to become men and rather try to catch a vagina, a working body that invites vapour upon the visions to themselves and delivers a projection drive,   an opportunity to demonstrate what it is they wish for themselves regarding no respect for the earth, earthen lore or traditions of location
I will not bow, I do not ask, I do not have too.

Histories are progressive, time delivers doors to process and closure rests the raw.

His pain, comes from plays to force subordination in the only place that women harbour supremacy.

An attempt to give what is mostly desired in a cached out cycle that can only be described as torture by the ignorant in want of dominion.




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Mount and Gain

flutters nd accent

Flutters n Accent

Behind every blur is a reason

Inside every window a door

They may not turn as you expected.

Instinct is always a bias.

Nature always the gradient.

Failure and Shame are nothing the same, Tolerance and Respect are witnessed not made.

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WiLd WoMaN.

For guards                                                                                                                                                                                   For structure                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            For lyfe and death.

Without death there is no life, which is a reprehension that will never destroy the light or cure regret.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   I aint, I can’t, I won’t and I don’t have to !                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     If you think I say these all too much, then it’s either because too many ask… or possibly, because you may have already been served and you are decadently greedy.

The prosperity is never an allowable façade, yet better a relent than a payment, especially when it comes to nasties of the heart.


The biggest pro-bono is the problematic plea, of he doesn’t want you, he wants me!

Inverted magnificence.                                                                                                                         It is more so that he has no clue, and tis funny how you see me, when I tell you what I saw in his sense of feel!


I will always remember, and get set, because if emotions have to be shared, I won’t hold back… or forget.

I will reflect it with all captive purpose, I don’t need no nasty vengeful comebacks to test my strength or lies that justify the cruelty.


Just because you can, don’t think you do so.                                                                                     For a process is a constructive, the relevance is only a droplet for those up to par with the ticks of time.


Just because you want it, doesn’t mean it’s yours.                                                                        For solutions can never break event fold, they might only become distortions that arouse a heavy hand that fights for supremacy above closure, regardless of the value of keep.


Demon by name, Demon by culture, Demon by fate and Demon by nature….                          I work with the primal instigate of time tympani & enlightenment.


Heat stealers that don’t respect have no able to illume or convey direction at others.                                      They are the souls of happenings and gyrate.

No distorting via connection, as I am my own connectivity… No lashes on my children, eyes, frames, minds hearts, souls, loves or past lament. So many want to be the likes of me!

Talking to someone through an allotment of time doesn’t give allowances to churn a turbine, for the terminology of an alien is based upon the onset that the provisions are agreed upon with gratify and release incline.


The immortals, the veneer, the winds, the process, the demeanour, the stench.


The structure can’t be changed or altered. The metallic exposure of gun madness, is a fight for the right to cleanse of pains, when the burrows into the remittance regime, is only asking for the persistence of relieve. Whilst the bitters enjoy their teeth.


Devils work as though dreams were tools.                                                                             Dreams, they are not worthy of holding or seeing, but try to weave rather that emoting a sense of bereave.

The irony is fathomed, as the revered accuse me!


Expertise and experience, don’t always go hand in hand.


Paths that take a long time to journey, often get hindered by enthusiasts.


Yet a standard allotment is never a ticket to permanency.


I am pure and true, loving and caring too,                                                                                         I am devout to several things, to wit life can’t do without!


Interpretation and Infringement are hiccups with real understand, but the stories, precision and mechanics always remain as planned!

Placement is Integral. Origin the bias of belief. Comparison the vindication, whilst time is a rhythm that spins. Not from those that sing but the listeners that notarise the swim.


Visuals, Vice and Vindication.                                                                                                     Something’s won’t change, Something’s can’t change, Something’s don’t change whilst Something’s remain changeable.


Imagination, Memories and Forgiveness are part of the walk of life, but Fraud and Falsity causes a lot of strife!


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‘Worm Farm.

Emptiness that won’t be fulfilled has no substance to give

Often feeding people with earthly cursives to wrangle the owned direction,

in spite of the  humanity’s fate, destiny and time

The ease is to deny by ignoring virtues might

but definition is based on what is aroused rather than what is cast from height.

The positive that is certainty is effective in advertency,

for the negative you release must be yours to let go.


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Cockpit and Ravine.

When pretence is based on an assumption the outcome is always re-definable.


When notion is carried without all the facts the stripes are in the context of assume.


History is always a tale of said, yet the empowerment isn’t an interchangeable pre-empt.


There are open notions that have assumed responsibility of another’s retrospect and these have to be corrected rather than accentuated.


Fathom is a level of understand rather than a notion of under state.


The globe has evolutionary mandates that can be executioner, not by those that choose to extinguish the obscure to hold a vision but by those whom muster the courage to accept systemic order and the origin principles of life.


Conditioning that may have been foreseen, but re-arranged to suit a prospect of idealism is only that, inference.


Interference of customised allowances to partake in a static consolidation is only a sordid cry of idiosyncrasies that offer innocents, to pay the price for another’s failure to recognise their consequences in their own desire to triumph.


The elimination of aspects to tailor progression is a backward thinking elective, for impromptu recoups are a stagnancy that those whom dote on glory and victor violate.


This may sound harsh, but the earthen lore is an unchangeable physiology that no amount of physical immerse can alter.


Change comes from the aptitude of reason and the provisions of ration, when rational is debated for the demise of a consideration, heated arguments often need to forge a conquest and revert to pragmatics.


Simply put, a united globe isn’t a stage for domination or sacrilege, the acceptance of originality often transcends into depictive notions of creation and undisputable contact, yet the brandish to relinquish the design that is mandated by a fight of consolidation only accentuates the proverbial disaster of the human colourful spirit.


Souls are more powerful than the environmental aspect of a carbon footprint.


Whilst we are all connected the methodology of taking an aspect from something seen and inverberating it unto one own capabilities is a hazard that distorts the true value of belief, many might assume this to be in respect, but it’s really quite the opposite.


Charisma only delivers image so far before the revered is apparent for the detriment of impersonation and a mark of insolence. Using the notative of a heart to try and augment a future is a pitiful gaiety, which is the foulest blunder of ignorance, for the heart is no wave to be ridden or an accelerator to be trodden down.


Hearts are the music of a being and their energy is not supposed to be surpassed by the formation of an ego or the inequity of commercialism and revenue.


Flaunting of attraction delivers opportunity, yet with that comes responsibility.         Maturity phases are avenues of destiny, not business, a beauty that has no owner other than the accents of lore and magnitude.


Words are not spoken they are told. Speech contains amplification of persona and belligerent mindsets that talk through on orifice as if to advance in the mindset of generations, they falter society and insult the vast conservative nature of time.


Everyone is so often taught how to think outside the box, but thinking inside the box seems to be forgotten, without that, there is just rude invasion and cruelty, in a fight for stolen intelligence, that can’t be used by anyone other than the keeper.


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Snow has individuality, for each flake has it’s own intricacy

Over and beyond is part of it but that can be destroyed.

Let only the true and correct fires light inside and the coldness snow brings wash the downfall of wrong uplift and burnt feet.

May Harmony be the brightness, and the chill be upon the necessary !!!


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Ropes, Hooks & Pulleys.


Similarities and differences are the insigne of individuality and unique.
The suppressive conformities with stringencies to assimilate is the emptying of formidable culture.

Processioned with the fantastical amendments to truth and the distortions of facts from the attempts to refurbish elements to acclaim changes from falsity of straight forward define.

Fuelled by the desire to make the earthen lore’s conform against their own will for sacrilege and duress of carnage, innocence becomes lost as scandalous hostages attempt to conquer the defined that may not be re-arranged.

Thieves, liars and replacements hold no allowance for the desire of unkempt wishes, as they can only bow to the truth and accept what frame they can’t have or hold.
Notoriety deliveries capers that toil to flourish their own spoil.

All the wealth of love and gusto has never taught those whom refuse to value defeat.

Any place which is seen, as a paradise is only the paradoxical sham of conquest in the hapless fantasy of dream that time wears out like flowers desecrate to a new bloom.

Lets not regress to maintain a cold. Let trust not be tainted from shrapnel as shimmers of pranksters laugh from their own lacking and only time to waste.

Aspects are legitimate, whilst dominance perceives to reign circumnutates against the natural order of human origin convex, as the value of livery is prescribed by a dollar in  place of belief and honour.

Truly the happiest souls are those whom stay true of themselves rather than too the honest perspect of  fantasy in the lime of transparency.

Whilst the joyes’t of hearts are those whom have marked success, by being in contact without denunciable progress of the memoir and the willingness to grow beyond pain and with a strength of deny and hope of a new day.




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